About John

Originally, John Sachaczenski wanted to learn about equine dental and hoof care because he wanted to provide his own horses with the very best care. After attending and graduating from The Equine Gnathological Training Institute in Glens Ferry, Idaho John knew he had found his niche. Dale Jeffery, a pioneer in the field of equine dentistry acted as John’s first mentor. Under his instruction John learned principle theoretical and practical gnathological studies that specialize in the prophylaxis and equilibration of teeth in horses, mules and donkeys. To further his education in equine dentistry he attended The American School of Equine Dentistry in Brunswick, West Virginia where he became trained and certified by Dr. Raymond Hyde, DVM. Under Dr. Hyde’s instruction John assisted with 200+ dental procedures. In addition, the intense curriculum covered anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, equine behavior, medical terminology, performance dentistry, disease, business, equipment and tools, and ethics. Since his return to Bucks County, Pennsylvania John works closely with several veterinarians and has helped countless horses with behavioral, performance and health issues.

John acquired his formal education in farrier science from Cornell University Farrier Program under direct instruction from world renowned farrier Steve Kraus, CJF. At Cornell John gained extensive experience practicing hoof rebuilds and epoxies. The program included 25 hours of anatomy of the equine foot and limb, 30 hours of therapeutic shoeing, 385 hours of forge work, 200+ hours of trimming feet, fitting and nailing shoes. After the program was over John volunteered at Cornell’s animal hospital an additional two weeks to gain even more experience with shoeing problematic and foundered horses. John is a member of the American Farriers Association and has since shod for many different breeds and disciplines working with equine veterinarians and trainers. In addition, he attended Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, Missouri training with Chris and Cody Gregory in 2014. At Heartland John honed his abilities on the forge and in the process discovered the dedication required for such a high level of craftsmanship. John now takes pride in each shoe he makes. Furthermore, John has worked with several well-known reputable farriers in the Bucks County area since his return from school. 

With his extensive knowledge of the anatomical structures of the equine limb combined with his understanding of equine gnathology John is able to provide and balance both hoof and dental care for your horse making him highly regarded in the equine industry.


John has been an Equine Farrier for over 10 years. He specializes in corrective shoeing, trimming, and many founder/laminitis cases. He loves to help animals and it is his passion to better understand the anatomy and functions of their feet.


  • American Farriers Association – (CF-Certified Farrier) John has completed a Written Exam, handmade shoes as well working on live horses under examiners.
  • American Association of Professional Farrier – (APF-l) John has completed multiple written exams as well as many hours of classroom learning, handmade shoes, and demonstration of skills.
  • Hunter Jumper Association – John is certified in the Hunters Jumpers Association

Pet Sitting Qualifications

I have owned animals for over 15 years, from owning 12 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, birds and chickens. Living on the farm has taught me a lot about animals and their unique needs as individuals. For 5 years I have worked for small and large animal veterinarians. I attended Delaware Valley University, Cornell and attended AAEVT taking Veterinary technician courses. My passion for providing animals with exceptional care continues to be my goal as I will treat your pets like they are my own, and always giving them all the care and love they need.

John’s Education and Training