Farrier Services

John Sachaczenki has been an Equine Farrier for over 10 years. He specialize in corrective shoeing, trimming and many founder/laminitis cases. He loves to help animals and it is his passion to better understand the anatomy and functions of their feet.

John is certified by the American Farriers Association, the American Association of Professional Farriers, and the Hunter Jumper Association. Learn more about John’s education and training on the About page.

Farrier Services

  • Standard Trim – Mini, Draft, & Donkeys
  • Hot Shoeing
  • Glue-on Shoes
  • Corrective Shoeing

  • Aluminum Shoes

  • Handmade Shoes

  • Pads
  • Draft Shoes
  • Hoof Rebuild & Epoxies


  • Horse trims $65
  • Drafts $150
  • Minis $50
  • Horse shoeing- Contact for pricing and needs

John’s Farrier Philosophy

Bucks County Farrier nailing hosreshoeHorses are incredibly strong and resilient creatures. However, domestication along with the conformation and biomechanics of an equine do not go hand in hand, often resulting in lameness.  Any owner who has experienced the heart ache of an unsound horse knows that the old saying is true “no hoof, no horse”. The road to recovery is often painstaking therefore, the best thing an owner can do for their horse is to ensure proper hoof health through good farrier work. Correct trimming and quality shoeing has always been considered principal to a horse’s health. With that said, John has dedicated his life in pursuit of helping all horses he meets.

Through John’s time working at Cornell University’s animal hospital  he found no better feeling in the world than seeing a severely injured horse come in and see it walk out just a little bit more comfortable. John learned by properly balancing the hoof it in turn adjusts tendons, ligaments and articulating surfaces of the joint.

The safety of a rider rests in the soundness of a horse. A horse should be a pillar of strength underneath its rider and this can only be accomplished by personalized attention from the farrier. Whatever the discipline may be; a polo pony, eventer, dressage, or pleasure horse will define the level of stress placed on the hoof wall. Like most things the status of the hoof is ever changing and needs to be assessed differently every time the horse is shod.

John’s formal education at both Cornell University Farrier Program and Heartland Horseshoeing School followed by his apprenticeships enable him to make the best decisions regarding trimming and shoeing horses. 

The shoeing process from bar stock to a shoed horse.

“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord” Proverbs 21:31